Datasoft Technologies Payroll Management Solutions

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We deliver innovative workforce solutions that maximize results & minimize time to value.

We provide cost effective and very efficient payroll management solutions to our clients. The basic philosophy of our services is first to have a solid understanding the customers payroll needs and then deliver exactly what they require. Our services do take care of all regulatory and compliance requirements and in process eliminate this hassles from organization’s shoulders. We process the payroll on customized software and we provide solution which are exact match to the clients' requirement and suited to meet clients' need.

  • We make sure that all compulsory heads like TDS, ECS are taken care depending on company's size and then process the payrolls.
  • 8 Reasons to Outsource Payroll Projects

    1. Minimize Risk

    Doing payroll on your own is tiresome and hazardous. You'll quickly discover that there are many confusing things to track, including forms to locate, tax tables to update, reports to submit, and payments to make. You'll enter a jungle of unknown deadlines, unforgiving rules, and agencies that won't help you. And when you make a mistake, you'll probably get a tax penalty.

    2. Leverage Your Time

    Do what you do best with your scarce time and energy and outsource the rest; your business will benefit. Small business advisers agree: struggling with payroll taxes is a distraction that takes your energy away from more useful activities. Create and grow your business. Pass the payroll headaches on to someone else.

    3. High Value

    Outsourced payroll is a bargain. Why spend hours doing payroll by yourself when you can get help doing it in five minutes at a very low price? With the time you save and the accuracy you gain, HRP is a bargain for any small business. As a general rule, payroll services are a good investment compared to doing payroll by you.

    4. Avoid Penalties

    Nearly half of all small businesses paid tax penalties last year. That money could have gone towards outsourcing payroll, and normally that is more than the annual cost of HRP's service.

    5. Direct Deposit

    Your employees will love direct deposit. It's a low cost way to provide an extra employee benefit that is very much appreciated. No more trips to the bank! A half-hour saved every payday! At HRP, direct deposit is free.

    6. Eliminate Software Hassles

    You skip the hassle of software updates. Leave the updates to the payroll services. HRP is always up to date with the latest tax rates from around the nation.

    7. Tap the Experts

    You add payroll experts to your team. Any payroll service will be aware of the most important rules and problem areas. HRP's payroll experts know more about payroll than most accountants.

    8. Reliability

    You'll never again worry about losing the employee that does payroll. With an easy system like HRP, anybody can do payroll Counseling of candidates after separation on an ongoing basis